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      For 10 years I was sick, visiting specialist after specialist, to no avail. Then I met Dr. Weiss, who was patient, kind and determined to cure me. And he did! For the past 7 years, Dr. Weiss and his amazing colleagues are the only specialists I go to. Driving 1.5 hours just for a visit is worth every second when you see doctors who really care about you. I have referred several people to Weiss Medical, and they have been cured!

      - Stacia Z.

      Highly recommend!! Been going there for over a year! Dr. Patel is amazing!

      - Lauren P.

      Weiss Medical is efficient, thorough, and professional. They see patients quickly, they ask you to call with results from other doctors and mean it… I had a phone conversation with Dr. Patel last week (at his request) and a follow-up appointment today where he carefully went over every bit of my history to solve this problem I have had for months that no one else seems to be able to solve.

      I cannot recommend them enough. I have been to a huge number of doctors for a huge variety of conditions, and I have never experienced someone who seemed so genuinely interested in my getting well.

      - Lauren L.

      I started seeing Dr. Weiss for my son when he was 10 years old. My son had severe allergies to animals, specifically cats, the progressed to the point of me homeschooling him for 4 months. It was at this point I changed allergists to Dr. Weiss. It was because of his excellent care that my son was able to return to school and his other allergies were identified. My son is now able to camp, which was not an option. He is now 19 years old and his allergies are under control, thanks to Dr. Weiss. I would highly recommend this office, and have to anyone having allergies.

      - Lynn S.

      My sons have been fortunate to have Dr. Weiss as their allergist for over 13 years. Even though we live 30 minutes away, Dr. Weiss is worth driving to see. He dedicates time to each and every patient. It is so important for your doctor to know you and your health history. Dr. Weiss takes the time to stay current with all the new information relating to allergies and immunology. He thinks about his patients and their care even when not in the office. I highly recommend him to all my friends and family. There is no other physician that I would endorse over Dr. Weiss. He is the absolute best. The improvement to my sons' health is phenomenal due to Dr. Weiss' care.

      - Sue O.

      Dr. Patel is very kind and compassionate. I know his caring and genuine concern was a factor in my recovery. The staff at the reception desk provide friendly greetings. The nurses are very helpful and patient when giving breathing tests. Wish all doctor visits were like Weiss Medical.

      - Karen F.

      Dr. Weiss is more than just a doctor. As a father I am a patient and two of my children are patients as well. We consider him a family friend who cares for our family day and night. Dr. Weiss has made himself available whenever we need him, whether it be while we are on vacation or late in the evenings. Dr. Weiss is a truly great doctor and we feel lucky to be able to rely on him for our medical care.

      - Dan A.

      It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dr. Weiss - in fact, I do so frequently! Dr. Weiss is of a very rare breed of physicians. Not only is he highly skilled, has amazing diagnostic abilities and comes from prestigious universities, residencies, etc; he really cares about his patients. In an era when egos are high and dedication is hard to come by, Dr. Weiss is a refreshing and welcome change. He is humble, kind, diligent and uniquely talented in his field. He is highly regarded by both patients and colleagues. Sitting in the waiting room (never a long wait), I've heard patients comment on how amazing Dr. Weiss is and how he accurately diagnosed them and their children quickly and confidently after years of misdiagnoses. Not to mention that once a diagnosis is made, his treatment plan will no doubt have you feeling better in no time!

      - Jenette D.

      My visit today with Dr. Patel was a completely positive experience. He was extremely thorough and covered everything I was concerned with. I honestly have no negative feedback or suggestions for improvement as this visit exceeded my expectations. Would definitely recommend Dr. Patel to others.

      - Donald C.

      My son has been a patient of Dr. Weiss for 9 years and counting. Dr. Weiss is a dedicated and exceptionally skilled physician who always puts his patients first. He's always made himself available to us in emergencies even if it's 12 o'clock at night on a Sunday. We highly recommend Dr. Weiss.

      - Amanda W.

      My experience overall has always been a very positive one when seeing Dr. Weiss and Dr. Bogusz. My children have been patients here for many years and I always know I can count on the highest level of care when I come here. I recommend friends and family here always because I know they will never be disappointed. You can always count on the staff to help you with a medical question if needed or fit you in a sick visit when necessary. Dr. Weiss and Dr. Bogusz always answer your questions and make you feel comfortable when you see them. They are always my first choice when my kids or myself are sick or need medical advice, etc.

      - Jen O.

      Our daughter was one of Dr. Weiss's first patients 13 years ago. That should say it all! He has treated our entire family. He's knowledgeable, professional and thorough without being an alarmist. We highly recommend him!

      - D. A.

      Staff are very friendly and helpful. Dr. Patel was very thorough, smart and effective. He kept in close communication and encouraged me to call him anytime, which was very reassuring. Great practice!

      - Allison C.

      Dr. Weiss has been an incredibly caring and helpful doctor. He is always available to help and answer questions during medical emergencies. He has helped us navigate our life with a child with food allergies and asthma. He is kind and gentle when kids are scared.

      - Denise B.

      Since I have been coming to Dr. Weiss my asthma has certainly improved. I am pleased with the availability of an appointment when I call and need to come in to see the doctor. Dr. Weiss is always professional, very thorough and follows through until he feels the problem has been resolved to his satisfaction. I am also impressed with the quality and caring of the nurses, Dr. Bogusz, and the receptionists. It is a positive environment where the patient feels respected.

      - Paula M.

      Wonderful experience as a mother with 2 sets of twins (3 with allergies). Dr. Patel was very informative and reminded and updated us on protocols which is helpful. When you are bringing in kids for treatments, parents tend to forget information needed. Dr. Patel covered it all, we left with knowledge and information needed. Did not feel rushed. Great patient care and attention. Girls love Dr. Patel. A big thank you!

      - Lynda R.

      My children have been going to Dr. Weiss for 11+ years. He is extremely thorough, meticulous, responsive, and kind in the treatment of his patients. We travel close to a half an hour to get to his practice but I wouldn?t have it any other way. My son, Matt had multiple allergy issues, missed countless days of school. Dr. Weiss determined the issues treated them, made a referral to another reputable doctor for another specific issue and Matt is now a healthy, happy 18 year old. One time in the past, Matt had to be rushed to the E.R. and Dr. Weiss was right there waiting for him! I have and will continue to highly recommend Dr. Weiss to whomever I know.

      - Anne P.

      Over 10 years ago I came to Dr. Weiss with breathing issues such as asthma so severe I could barely walk. I wanted or should I say needed someone that was not only a good doctor but someone who knew the science behind the medicine. He put together a brilliant plan of addressing my immediate breathing issues as well as put me on a long term maintenance plan. Now I can exercise, am married with two children, NONE of this would have been possible without seeing Dr. Weiss. I recommend, no, I urge anyone that is having breathing/allergies to see Dr. Weiss. He literally saved my life.

      - Jeff P.

      I've been coming to Dr. Weiss when my son was 2 1/2. My son has hives and with Dr. Weiss, he got him better with the medicine. He's an awesome doctor. My whole family comes too. He helped me and my husband with our allergies and I'm very grateful. I highly recommend him. His staff is nice and awesome as well.

      - Katty A.

      My family and I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Dr. Weiss, Dr. Bogusz and staff. They are always caring and professional.

      - Christina S

      Fantastic doctor. Very caring, knowledgeable, very friendly. He helped a lot to my child. We all like him too much.

      - Robert M.

      My daughter has come to see Dr. Weiss since she was three years old. She is now leaving for college. She has seen both Dr. Weiss and Dr. Bogusz. The care and concern is evident with each visit. They are always available to answer and question. I've recommended his office to many people during the last 15 years.

      - Holly W.

      Dr. Weiss has been caring for my son for years. And, my son's allergies and overall health are so much better. We feel very lucky to have him as our doctor.

      - Diane D.

      Dr. Weiss is a great doctor who's really helped cure my allergies! The staff here is great and really nice as well.

      - Zahra S.

      Dr. Weiss and his staff are awesome. I'm a long-term patient; I'd be dead without him! Scheduling is easy, they show concern for you, and my allergies are much better. Highly recommended!

      - Anita B.

      Dr. Weiss always takes the time to discuss my issues, explain what his suggested cause of treatment will be and then calls me to see how I am doing. His staff is always accommodating, caring, and respective of my time and friendly which is all appreciated when I'm not feeling well to begin with. This is truly a professional medical practice that cares about and responds to the patient's needs.

      - Joe M.

      Dr. Weiss is an excellent physician and the office staff is always helpful and friendly.

      - Tara M.

      Dr. Jeffrey Weiss was extremely helpful with diagnosing the triggers for my son's asthma and with helping treat them to prevent flare ups. He is very knowledgeable, professional and his office staff is very courteous and helpful with making appointments and getting questions answered. I would highly recommend him. Dr. Weiss was also very helpful to me with diagnosing and treating my allergies. This has changed for the better because I went from having sinus infections every other month to none or maybe 1 a year.

      - Cheryl S.

      I have been seeing Dr. Weiss for several years now and I am very happy with the care here. Since I started with the allergy shots, I have been able to reduce the asthma medications to a minimal amount. Dr. Weiss and I share the same goal of reducing my medications and maintaining my active lifestyle. The results have been great!

      - Steve W.

      I have a great experience with Dr. Jeffrey Weiss, and also with all staff members including nurses, secretaries. Very flexible with appointments easy to coordinate my busy schedule. Dr. Jeffrey thank you for helping my little nephew that mean that and little kids having fun with you overall excellent medical practice I wouldn't change anything. You guys are awesome.

      - Ismet M.

      Dr. Weiss is extremely knowledgeable and in the words of my son, "he's awesome!"

      - Zahava T.

      Dr. Weiss and Dr. Bogusz are absolutely the BEST! We have been patients for the past 8 years and travel 20 minutes to see them. They have treated both of my boys, my husband and myself. I highly recommend Dr. Weiss and Dr. Bogusz. The entire staff is just as wonderful. They have always done their best to fit us into the schedule. They are very knowledgeable and very caring.

      - Annie M.

      Dr. Weiss has been the one to finally diagnose my allergies. After 1 year I am stable and feeling 100% better. His office staff is friendly and efficient and I don't even mind the 30 minute drive for my appointments. I also like that Dr. Weiss takes the time to explain everything and always answers my questions.

      - Paula M.

      My family has been under Dr. Weiss' care for allergies for 10+ years. Dr. Weiss takes the time to make his patients comfortable. He thoroughly explains everything and encourages questions. One of my sons suffers from seasonal and food allergies, and the other seasonal and environmental allergies. Both suffer from allergy induced asthma as well. They have made progress against their allergies. We would and have highly recommended Dr. Weiss to many friends, who are now current patients.

      - Kathleen C.

      My experience with this practice has been nothing but phenomenal! The whole staff from the secretaries, the nurses, Dr. Bogusz, and Dr. Weiss is very caring and professional, always welcoming you with a smile on. Dr. Weiss always found time to squeeze me in for appointments when I have been really sick, which is a great relief. I could always turn to the staff for any related problems or suggestions. I can honestly say Dr. Weiss is the best doctor I have had and he has helped me improve my life with asthma and allergies significantly. I highly recommend this practice!

      - Megan D.

      I honestly do not know where my son would be if it wasn't for Dr. Weiss. The personal care that he has shown my son has been amazing. His office staff has also been very helpful to his care. Dr. Weiss is the definition of a true medical professional and I recommend him to everyone.

      - Catherine M.

      My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Weiss for 5 years. She has gone from a child with severe allergies to foods, ranging from soy to shellfish, and a diminished quality of life due to pulmonary issues. With Dr. Weiss love, guidance, and expertise my daughter is medication free now and has outgrown most allergies and runs circles around her non-allergic friends! Dr. Weiss treats many of my friends and family. He is always patient and available to help and answer questions. He has educated my daughter (and me) so that she can read labels, knows what she can and can't eat, which allows us to be confident that she's safe when away from us.

      - Merilee S.

      Dr. Weiss's office is very professional and helpful. The employees are extremely friendly and accommodating. Dr. Weiss is very knowledgeable and helpful with my allergies.

      - Tom R.

      A very professionally run practice. Dr. Weiss saved my son and with ongoing HYQVIA treatments the staff is compassionate and caring. Even the billing staff has gone above and beyond for me. I have nothing but accolades and appreciation for Dr. Weiss and his entire team.

      - Alexis T.

      Dr. Weiss and his entire staff are always kind patient and caring! They treat their patients as if they are part of their own families. We're recommended Dr. Weiss to many friends and family who are always, in turn, very thankful we did. If you or your child has an allergy or issues with his/her immune system, Dr. Weiss will figure out what other doctors cannot! Hands down, the best doctor's office anywhere!

      - Katherine M.

      I love this place, lovely staff!! Dr. Weiss is patient and kind and he really knows his stuff. He made me feel much better. Everyone should visit here if you think you have allergies. Can't say enough great things!

      - Kelli D.

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